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We are a resource and a supplier of cellular concrete.  Cellular concrete provides solutions for many applications in construction, manufacturing, and mining.   The function and flexibility of cellular concrete offers extensive advantages over other products and materials.


Cellular concrete is a lightweight concrete containing a high percentage of gas cells (distinguishable from air voids in terms of cell sizes and distribution) created mechanically by means of the addition of foaming agents.  A density range of 15 to 120 pounds per cubic foot characterizes cellular concrete products.  The low density found in cellular concrete is due to the uniformly distributed non-contiguous air cells that also account for high workability and desirable thermal conductivity.


Cellular Concrete is produced by blending a base mix consisting of cement and sand to produce slurry using mixing equipment such as a volumetric mixer or mobile batch plant.  Foam is added and mixed into the slurry causing it to expand and become lighter.  The air cells created by the foam hold their shape as the cement hydrates permanently trapping air in the material.  The density and strength of the cellular concrete is a function of the mix design.


American Cellular Concrete specializes in providing cost-effective solutions to challenging construction problems.  Whether you need a lightweight backfill for a retaining wall, thermal protection for shallow buried lines, support over weak soils, or to fill an abandoned pipe, American Cellular Concrete will provide a superior product for these and many other applications.  We have over 15 years experience supplying concrete from small to large volume projects.  Please explore our website and contact us with questions you might have concerning cellular concrete. 







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